Hospital Dr. Anísio Figueiredo – Zona Norte

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The Hospital Dr. Anísio Figueiredo (Zona Norte de Londrina) is a public mid-size hospital and provides support for emergency and chronic conditions, elective and emergency surgery, paediatrics and others specialties. It has 117 beds, including a 5 beds room to palliative care patients. The palliative care committe, which is composed by the hospital workers acting as volunteers, provides palliative care in this hospital and promotes the inclusion of this approach in the regional healthcare system.


The palliative care committe addopts the SPICT (in Brazilian portuguese version) to evaluate the inclusion of patients for palliative care support Website: Contact:  Fernando Marcucci

Rio Grande

Brazil has a population of 200 million people but no well-established programme of palliative care in primary care. The Brazilian primary care services are based on the Family Health Strategy – a programme that has around 30,000 basic teams nationwide. Each core team has a doctor, nurse, nurse technicians and 6-12 community health workers and access to a psychologist, dietician, physiotherapist and social worker. This palliative care project is running in Area 29 of Family Health Strategy of city of Rio Grande, south of Brazil which has a very poor, deprived population Steps proposed are:

A) All patients with cancer and other chronic diseases or conditions, such as dementia; heart failure;  frailty (ageing population) – very early, just after the diagnosis, even in treatment with some possibility of cure (some cases of cancer). B) Assessment using: SPICT, surprise question, clinical deterioration. C) Planning and care according to the needs of patients and families including: Priority for care in clinics for patients / caregivers, regular monthly medical or nursing consultation, home visits, holistic symptom assessment and management, support groups and listening support for patients and caregivers, information fact sheets on palliative care, symptom diaries. D) Improve staff training/ awareness in palliative care; staff support and ongoing education/ development; regular review We will propose to the teams: E) Public awareness meetings on death and dying, palliative care; presentations to local government.

Contact:  Dr Santiago Corrêa

Silvestre Adventis Hospital

Services Offered

I’m the medical doctor and Palliative care (PC) coordinator for a private hospital and a home care. Both are in RIo de Janeiro. I use SPICT and would like to share my experience with the group. In the hospital, the service started in 2012. The hospital has 150 beds and we interconsult. In the private home care I have been working since 2015 and little by little we are exchange knowledge about palliative care between the doctors and the home visitors.


i would like use SPICT to follow the patients and compare hospital and home care. Website: Contact:  Anelise Fonseca