Karunashraya (Bangalore Hospice Trust)


Services Offered

75 bedded inpatient hospice with home care and hospital out-reach services and two link centres.
Teaching programmes for doctors, nurses and MSWs
Involved with the training of rural doctors / nurses. and also with the Cancer Treatment Centre initiative (Lien Foundation and AIIMS)
Suprvise MSc, PhD students and those interested in Masters for Public Health


Only just started but looks interesting.
Will provide more feedback in due course,

Other information

Educational links to
- Cardiff University Palliative Care Department
- NIMHANS (National Institute for Mental Health and Neuro-Sciences, India)
Involved with National initiatives:
- ELICIT (End of Life Care,India, Task-force)
- Project India
National Task Force for the Integration of Palliative care with health delivery, in the community