People who are getting less well from one or more health problems often miss out on well planned care and support because they are not identified and offered the right help soon enough.

The SPICT™ is a simple tool designed to help health and care professionals find people who might benefit from palliative care alongside other treatments and care. We can also talk about thinking ahead and planning for future care when a person’s their life, health or care change with them and their family.

Patients, family members, carers and staff working in health and care said we need a version of SPICT™ with less ‘medical’ language that makes sense to everyone.

SPICT-4ALL™ aims to make it easier for everyone to recognise and talk about signs that a person’s overall health may be getting worse over time. That means people and those close to them including carers can get more help and support whether they are at home, living in a care home or in a hospital.

You can use SPICT-4ALL™ to ask about getting more help and support so that the right care is available for you or a person you care for. 


SPICT-4ALL™ was originally developed as a collaboration between the SPICT Programme lead, St Barnabas Hospice in Lincolnshire, England and staff working in care homes. 

SPICT-4ALL™ International

Translation and adaptation of SPICT-4ALL™ is happening in a growing number of countries around the world. Contact us if you’d like more information.

SPICT-4ALL has been translated for the following countries:

SPICT-4ALL in Prisons

People who are getting less well from one or more health problems often miss out on extra care and support because they are not offered the right help soon enough. This includes prisoners with ongoing health problems. See:

The SPICT™ programme is an international collaborative project based at The University of Edinburgh.


This SPICT  tool is free to download.  SPICT must not be reproduced in any other format nor modified in any way without permission.

All users are responsible for ensuring that they use the current version of  this SPICT tool and for any use they make of SPICT and SPICT resources.

We now offer a service that gives SPICT Platinum Partners access to a customised version of SPICT with their own organisational logo.

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