Xiangya School of Medicine

Central South University (CSU)

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Xiangya School of Medicine, Central South University (CSU) is a leading medical school in China. Hunan Cancer Hospital, the Affiliated Cancer Hospital is the largest cancer centre with 1,500 beds in Hunan province. The hospital is amongst the first wave of pilot settings for palliative care in China.


We plan to translate the SPICT into a Simplified Chinese version. After that, we will test and validate the translated tool for its effectiveness and accuracy in identifying cancer patients who are at end-of-life and in need of palliative care. Our short-term aim is to integrate SPICT into the daily clinical practice in Hunan Cancer Hospital; The long-term aim is to extend routine use of this tool in clinical practice to the national level.
There will be two Principal Investigator for the proposed project: Dr Jinfeng Ding and Professor Yongyi Shen.
Dr Ding is a registered nurse and has completed his PhD degree in public health at the University of Western Australia in August 2020.
Professor Chen is vice-president of Hunan Cancer Hospital, Chair of Palliative Care Committee of the Chinese Nursing Association and the Chair of the Communications Committee of the International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care.