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SPICT™ is used to help identify people with deteriorating health due to a new serious illness, one or multiple health conditions, or frailty in older age so they benefit from holistic assessment, future care planning (advance/anticipatory care planning) and a palliative approach to care.

General palliative care is provided by many staff, health and care workers in the community, care homes and hospitals. Palliative care specialists and teams can offer additional expertise, advice, care and support.

Palliative care is integrated with the best available treatment of any underlying illnesses in line with what matters to the person (and those close to them).  

The SPICT™ programme is an international collaborative project based at The University of Edinburgh.

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SPICT™ 2022 is available to view on your device (e-SPICT™), or to download (pdf).

SPICT™ translations continue to expand. If you would like to translate SPICT™ 2022, please contact us

SPICT™ 2022 has minor wording changes from previous versions. 
– Other conditions: 
Deteriorating with other conditions, multiple conditions and/or complications that are not reversible; best available treatment has a poor outcome.
– Current care and care planning:
Agree a current and future care plan with the person and their family/people close to them. Support carers.
Record, share, and review care plans.

Using SPICT™ explains how the SPICT can be used in clinical practice; or download our SPICT™ Guide. 


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