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Health Partners Medical Group – Minnesota

healthpartnersHealthPartners is a not-for-profit HMO along with Medical Groups and Clinics and our mission is to improve the health of our members and our community.  

Our goal in using a Partner SPICT is to educate our community on what hospice and palliative care is and does along with offering a guide for our providers (physicians, NPs) as to who is appropriate for hospice/palliative care.  We hope to have fewer patients who die in our program in under 7 days 

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Contact:  Karen Waldron

SUNY Upstate University Hospital – New York

Services Offered

We are planning to use this for an initial assessment in our Adult and Pediatric Primary Care clinics to better communicate with our patients prior to end-of-life so that all parties including the patient and their care givers can understand the patients wishes and to better assist the patient with pain control.

Uses of SPICT

We will be adding HIV/AIDS and all patients on the transplant wait list or that have complications/rejection to their transplant. We will also be integrating this into our electronic health record system.


Contact:  Michelle Slade