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We are using SPICT to identify palliative patients and educate primary caregivers on clinical departments and contributing to development of SPICT-NL


Contact: Rev. Joep van de Geer 

PaTz Palliative Homecare

Services Offered

Inspired by the Gold Standards Framework from the UK a grassroots initiative in Amsterdam started in 2010: the PaTz project. Four groups of general practitioners and community nurses were formed and followed in a pilot study. Evidence from this pilot study indicated that the participants were very positive about working together in a PaTz group.

They stated that their cooperation was improved and that they were making more advanced care plans. Moreover, there were positive effects on patient level, such as a decrease in hospital admissions in the last month of life.(5)

Recently there are over 100 PaTz groups, spread out over the Netherlands.


Identification of patients in need of palliative care at home to start with advanced care planning


Contact:  Bart Schweitzer