Using SPICT™ Guides 2021

Our page Using SPICT™ and the Using SPICT™ Guides help clinicians and teams make SPICT™ 2019 work to help them identify people who can benefit from palliative care and/or future care planning.

The recently posted Using SPICT Guide – Nov 2021 and SPICT-LIS Guide_Nov 2021 now include the RED-MAP framework for care planning conversations as well as key actions that follow identification and assessment of a person and family with palliative care needs.

The SPICT Guides are free to download and can be adapted to suit different organisations and countries so please contact us if you are interested in that.

“SPICT™ helps clinicians identify people with one or more general indicators of poor or deteriorating health and clinical signs of life-limiting conditions for assessment and care planning. SPICT™ looks for changes in health status, burden of illness and increasing care needs. Integrate a holistic palliative care approach with best available treatment of underlying illnesses. Timely identification avoids harm and improves treatment and care of patients and families.”