SPICT-4ALL available in German and Spanish

SPICT-4ALL is the version of SPICT 2019 written in more accessible, non-technical language. SPICT-4ALL helps patients, family carers and care workers ask for more help and support. It is used increasingly in social care and in residential/care homes around the world.

SPICT-4ALL-DE: Translated and adapted by Dr Kambiz Afshar, Professor Nils Schneider and colleagues at the Institute for General Practice and Palliative Care, University of Hannover Medical School, Germany.

SPICT-4ALL-ES: Translated and adapted by Dr Nadina Latorre Vallbona and Professor Jordi Amblàs-Novellas, Chair of Palliative Care, University of Vic, Barcelona, Spain.

Why not translate SPICT-4ALL into your language and make it available to more people.