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Inaugural SPICT International Conference 2018:
Changing practice, promoting research and learning together

The SPICT™ (Supportive & Palliative Care Indicators Tool) was first developed in 2010 as a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh Primary Palliative Care Research Group and NHS clinicians in Edinburgh and other parts of the UK. It is now a leading tool for identifying people with deteriorating health and increasingly used to promote early palliative care. The SPICT indicators were identified from a literature review of prognostic tools used internationally to identify people for palliative care. The SPICT™ has been tested for face validity in primary and secondary care in a number of countries and refined over 6 years by annual consensus building reviews with SPICT collaborators from around the world.

The definitive SPICT™  2017 is now available.

Since the SPICT website launched in 2013, the SPICT™ has been downloaded free over 18,000 times and been translated into 6 languages. The SPICT-app for smartphones and tablets and has been downloaded nearly 900 times. We have over 3,500 users on our mailing list, and there are 63 SPICT partners from 20 countries.The inaugural SPICT International Conference in 2018 will bring together SPICT users and SPICT partners from around the world.

The conference will:

  • Review the evidence base for the SPICT™ 2017
  • Demonstrate how SPICT™ is being used in the UK, Europe and across the world
  • Highlight innovations in patient identification and care planning using SPICT™ and related resources
  • Share our experiences in research, development and education
  • Plan further developments and international collaborations

We’ll have plenary speakers, short presentations, poster sessions and workshops. Come and share what you’ve been doing with SPICT™.

Conference date: 2nd February 2018 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

If you are interested in attending this conference as a delegate, or as a presenter or  just have further questions, complete the form below. You will be added to the conference mailing list and receive our updates. Details about the venue, conference costs and arrangements for abstract submissions will be available soon.


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