The SPICT™ Tool is now available as a free app on iOS for iPhone and iPad, and as an app for Android –  SPICT-App.

All users are responsible for ensuring that they use the current version of SPICT-App and for any use they make of SPICT™ and our website resources.

This is the first version of our SPICT-App. It includes information about the SPICTTM ; advice on how to assess and plan care for people identified with it; and tips on effective communication.

SPICT-App for iOS

Download SPICT-App for iOS

Version 1.7.5 including 2017 SPICT Tool indicators.

Tell us what you think of the SPICT-App by using the feedback form. We’d welcome your questions, thoughts, comments and suggestions for improvements. We would also like to hear how you are using the SPICT-App.

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