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Developing the SPICT™

The SPICT™ is a clinical tool was first developed in 2010 as a collaborative project between NHS Lothian and The ...
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Using the SPICT™ tool – Extract from Pulse

1. It’s important for a GP to be able to estimate when a patient might be in the last year of ...
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Poster: How SPICT can be used to support teams in identifying patients with deteriorating health due to cardiac disease

Poster presentation at the UK Palliative Care Congress, Glasgow (March 2016) shows how SPICT can be used to support teams ...
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A Quality Improvement approach to improving Anticipatory Care Planning & Key Information Summary access at St John’s Hospital

Poster presentation from the acute medicine unit at St John’s Hospital, W Lothian, Scotland This collaborative project showed that ward staff were able ...
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SPICT in Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals

The respiratory medicine team in Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust have used SPICT combined with 3 possible actions ...
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SPICT Team Presents at the EAPC World Congress 2015

The SPICT team presents at the European Association for Palliative Care World Congress  in Copenhagen in May 2015. You can ...
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Hospital rapid response team and patients with life-limiting illness

A multicentre retrospective cohort study Palliative Medicine April 2015; 29(4):302-309. Merlina Sulistio1, Michael Franco2,3, Amanda Vo2, Peter Poon2,3,4 and Leeroy ...
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SPICT Partners at Monash Health in Australia feature in an EAPC blog

Facing the challenge of managing the deteriorating patients in an acute hospital SPICT Partners at Monash Health in Australia feature in ...
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What diagnostic tools are available for the identification of palliative care patients in primary care

A systematic review Journal of Palliative Care 2015;3(2):118-123 Walsh RI, Mitchell G, Francis L, Van Driel ML. Early identification of ...
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