Become a SPICT Platinum Partner

Get the SPICT™ 2017 with your organisation’s logo.

Request other minor amendments to suit your country or organisation.

Create an electronic version of SPICT 2017 (e-SPICT) to add to your own health care record system.

Join the International SPICT Programme and work together to support its ongoing development.


Benefits for you and your organisation

  • SPICT™ 2017 with your organisation’s logo
    (Currently available in English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese)
  • SPICT™ guides for primary or secondary care with your logo
  • Your own electronic version adapted to suit your organisation’s system
  • Your profile at the top of your country’s Partner Page
  • Your profile on the Platinum Partner Page
  • Consultancy advice from the SPICT programme team

This funding will help to support the International SPICT Programme and enable us to maintain its development and continuity.

Sample customised SPICT™

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Example Customised SPICT Tool

Cost: £150 for 2018.

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Payment is processed by The University of Edinburgh

Once payment is confirmed you will be contacted for your details.

If you want to discuss other options, please use our Contact Form.